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The King's Return and Age of Empires 4 : the creation of the mod & the never-came out game of AOE 4

June , 2016

Almost all of us , fans of Age of Empires game series, are still awaiting for the Age of Empires 4. Almost 10 years passed since the last release of AOE 3 and the AOE4 never came out! This was the basic inspiration of making the Mod "the King's Return": that's at least fans of Age of Empires franchise can still improve the game "unofficially". We can still have new improvements through mods while still awaiting this AOE 4 to come out. Nevertheless, I believe that AOE III game engine is a very powerful & with many undiscovered "potentials" & probably many other "underused" potentials . The incredible scenery of the game is simply amazing. The havoc system, the lighting system, the special effects & particles generation system in this RTS game make it OUTSTANDING. Let me give an example of some of the potentials that can dramatically enhance the game: the lighting system  used in the game is extremely powerful with diverse parameters that makes the game looks "amazing" & highly appealing to players. Despite the powerful lighting tools, we have never seen day/night cycle implemented  in the game itself neither in Age of mythology nor in AOE 3 (except for special uses in the campaigns). Another aspect which I believe can enhance the game is the use of more special effects and particle system to another aspect of realism to the game. The mod will actually introduce further usage of this powerful game engine hoping to take the game into the next level.

Although there are many excellent games portraying modern warfare history, there are only few games like age of empires portraying earlier historical era (ancient , medieval etc...).

Meanwhile we are awaiting the release of age of empires 4 and pray to God (and Microsoft!) to answer our prayers, we as fan, can still enjoy the various amazing mods being released :) .