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Minor Civilizations (Minor Natives)

The Minor Allies System in the King's Return has been greatly enhanced. The Term “Minor Natives” is incorrect to use here. The new “Sub Civilization” civilizations are actually civilization  that are powerful kingdoms but generally not large enough to count as an Empire on their region.  “Minor Natives” is not the simple Sub Civilization you know in AOE III. The improved system of Natives is highly complex & dynamic.
Drawn from historical relationships & alliances, allying with a Minor Civilization will provide unique set of techs for each civilization (or in some cases won't provide any support at all!).
The new Minor Civilizations will provide a set of unique techs/units once a player with a certain major civilization allied with one. I will give some quick examples: Duchy of Milan will only ally with Non-Muslim Civilizations,  Barbary States will only provide full military services to Muslim Civilization (though they will still provide other non-military services to Non-Muslim).
Furthermore, besides the stunning graphics in the Kings' Return, you will find totally new techs with new mechanism  effects that you have never seen before! Ally with Tuareg & you camel caravans to pack & re-back a building to move it to a new location. Borrow loans from Jewish Merchants! Ally with Dahomey Amazon Warriors & brutally decapitate your enemies! For details about each new Minor Civilization click on the related pictures below.


Available Minor Civilizations

Jewish Community
Kingdom of Bohemia
Duchy of Milan
Duchy of Ferrara
Barbary States
Sennar Sultanate (Sudan)
Ajuran Sultanate (Somali)
Abyssinia (Ethiopians)