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Release of Age Empires 3: The King's Return (Beta 1.0)

Finally, the King's Return mod of the game Age of Empires 3 is available to download ,after so many broken promises:) . This is a Beta 1.0 version of the game. Download from this Link


Game Features and what is there in the Beta?

All the new 4 civilizations along with new their units, technologies and new game play concepts are available in this Beta version. The new civilizations are: Persians, Mongols, Oyo Kingdom and Kongo Kingdom (African). The mod has dozen of improvements to the AOE 3 game, for example all new civilizations speak their real languages. New units and buildings with totally new graphics. New set of animations, weapons / swords, techs effects and even new special characteristic for some units. For example, Ngulu Warrior available to Kongo: an warrior armed executioner sword, he has a small chance to kill any infantry unit or villager instantly.

The King's Return introduces totally unique and fresh game concepts that will spice up the game and adds more realism to it. The following features are all included in the Beta version of the King's Return mod: Choose a Timurid Mongol civilization and plunder your enemies gold. Force your enemy into slavery. European civilizations can now enslave African villagers while an Ottoman player can enslave Christian villagers (white slave). Portuguese can enslave Asian villagers. New Religion System: pray at churches and temples to collect enough faith to inspire your villagers Morales and even to declare Jihad! Religion is available to : Spanish, Portuguese, Ottomans, Persians and African Kingdoms (discover it yourself now in the Beta version or wait for next week detailed article about Religion System in the game).

So what is missing?


The following major things are still under development: new random maps, new Home Cities (except for the Persians), AI for new civilizations.

Would you like to be a part of the King's Return Project?

just contact me here through private messages on moddb or contact me on

Comments, Critics and Bugs?
If you have any comment, critic or you found any in bug in the Beta, don't hesitate to share your opinions or findings.