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Barbary States will only provide military services to Muslim Civilization. However, non-Military Techs will be provided to all civilizations.

Barbary Pistol Man
Cost : -

Only available to Muslim Civilization . A fast running unit capable of turning falling European soldiers into slaves. There is a 15% chance to turn fallen European Infantry into war-captive slaves. "War-Captive Slaves" are injured units, i.e. they will die automatically after few minutes.

Barbary Corsair (Mercenary)
Cost : -

The same unit already exiting in AOE III . The unit will be enabled once you ally with Barbary States. The Barbary Corsair will be trainable from your barracks not just saloon (Only available to Muslim Civilization).

Arab Slave Trade (Muslim Civilizations only)
Cost : -

Get 2 White Slaves for cheap prices.

Arab Market of African Slavery (Muslim Civilizations only) (European Civilizations only)
Cost : -

Human trafficking in Arab World will contribute to the Transatlantic Slave Trade. Get 2 African Slaves for cheap prices.

Upgrade All Outlaws to Guard Level (Available to All)
Cost: -

Upgrades all outlaws to upgrade "Guard Level" at age IV.

Advanced Piracy (Available to All)
Cost: -

Lowers population cost for all outlaw-type mercenary units by 2 less pop.

Professional Piracy (Available to All)
Cost : -

Further decrease in population cost for all outlaw-type mercenary units by 1 less pop.

Musket Trade (Asians, African & Natives only)
Cost: -

Lower train time of all gunpowder units by 10%..

Enable Outlaws for Natives (Natives Only)
Cost : -

Allows you to build saloon so natives are able to train outlaw mercenaries.