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The Hussites were one of the earliest groups to turn against the Roman Catholic Church in an attempt to return to a strictly bible based religious culture. This meant they did not accept several doctrines they felt were not originating from the bible that the Roman Catholic Church practiced.
Can ally with anyone except Ottomans.

Hussite Flail Peasant
Cost : 125 Food

A peasant armed with a dangerous flail. Hussite flail men were just regular peasants & farmers whom had very limited military training. Regardless, during the Hussite rebellion, they crushed entire army of professionally trained, fully armored crusade knights!
In the game, the Hussite Flail Peasant is a hybrid between a villager & pikeman. The unit can gather resources like other villagers. Armed with a dangerous flail they can take down cavalry easily. However, since the Hussite Flail peasants are classified as both villager & heavy infantry, they will be subject to a wider range of counter units.

Hussite Hand Cannon
Cost : -

A unit armed with an early form of hand-held cannon. They will act like the Abus Gun unit but with little bit higher ROF making them less powerful than Abus Gun.

Industrialized Bohemia (European Civilizations only)
Cost : Food 200 , Wood 200 , Gold 400

Bohemia was among the first countries in Europe to become industrialized. This  tech is only available to a European ally at Age IV. It's rather expensive tech but will sends a Factory Wagon allowing you an extra chance for building a factory (though factory limit will stay 2). Additionally, factory resources production will be increased by 5% permanently.

Boheiman Railway Network
Cost : Food 200 , Wood 200 , Gold 200

Available to all allies, the Boheiman Railway Network will set trade routes upgrades  for free. Additioanlly, Trade Routes upgrades  can be researched 1 age earlier. i.e you can upgrade trade route to "Stagecoach" at age I and to "Trains" at age III.

Trebon Fish Cultivation Industry
Cost: -

Fish pond cultivation in Trebon city of Bohemia (Czech) is traced back to the 12th century. Delivers the player a fishpond building. The fishpond is a farm-like building with unlimited supply of fishes that can be gathered by both fishing ships and villagers. Additionally, as long as you have the fishpond all fishing gather rate will be increased by 20%.

Bohemian Reformation
Cost : -

Only for Protestant Civilizations : Benefits church techs.