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Ally with anyone except Oyo & French.

Dahomey Amazon
Cost : -

The only female warriors in the game. Dahomey Amazons are deadly skirmisher-type unit but, unlike regular skirmishers, they will have bonus against heavy infantry as well as bonus against other light infantry units (i.e. skirmishers, crossbowmen, gurkha etc...). "Decapitation" & "Our Mothers" techs can further turn the Dahomey Amazons into killing machines.

Cost: -

Kill any infantry soldier instantly in a single sword strike by decapitating his head! Enables a special ability for Dahomey Amazons. Every time a player uses "Decapitation" the Dahomey Amazons will be able to kill any infantry in a single sword strike. The Decapitation will last only for 20 seconds & the Dahomey Amazons won't be able to attack any unit other than infantry during this time.

Our Mothers

Gives the player a 50% of having "Elder Dahomey Amazon" every time a Dahomey Amazon is trained. The Elder Dahomey Amazon is the same unit with a 25% chance of inflicting a double damage attack.

Dahomey Warrior Society
Cost: -

The Dahomey Amazons' extreme & intense military exercises will upgrade all Native Allies Units (minor native units) to Elite & Champion Levels freely and one age earlier. Native Allies are improved to Elite Level at Colonial Age, and improved to Champion Level at Fortress Age (this is not applied to Dahomey Amazons).

Dahomey Slaves Trade (European & Muslim Civilizations Only)
Cost: -

Each Town Center & Church will do a one-time muster of 1 Slave (cheap tech available at age II).